With over 50 years educatings well rounded profesionals, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico is the best and biggest hub for new and promising talent in all Engineering, Architecture and Business fields.

Corporate Registration Form

Top reasons to participate:

  • Lower recruiting costs by using our online virtual solution to screen and recruit quality candidates
  • Interact in your own virtual room in pre-selected hours for a more effective group conference session with interested students and alumni
  • Access to all registered candidates’ information, including exporting electronic resumes
  • Save time, travel, and staff required to participate in all day, on-site events
  • Efficiently involve subject matter experts and other decision-makers in the recruiting process
  • Eliminate transportation and overhead costs associated with booth design and production

Registration includes:

  • Your company’s own virtual room in one pre-selected day and time with interested candidates in a conference group session.
  • An employer profile page showcasing your organization’s brand logo and available career or internship positions
  • Opportunity to prescreen candidates interested in your internship or job postings
  • Job postings in the University Career and Internship Program’s website pupr.edu/placement
  • Logo on Virtual Career & Internship Fair 2020 web page
  • Posts of Virtual Career & Internship Fair 2020 highlighting your organization
  • Logo display on all Virtual Career & Internship Fair 2020 internal communication
  • Virtual Sessions Calendar of Events (from August 13th to October 26th, 2020) previous to our Virtual Career & Internship Fair (October 27-30, 2020)
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